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Premade Shopify Website

Unit price  per 

This listing is for a premade website. Please understand that this a PRE-MADE WEBSITE and is ONLY available for Shopify. This website cannot be used on other platforms. 

Turn around time is 3-4 business days. Excluding weekends and holidays. Website a transfer turn around times are up to 48 hours

The pre-made website that you are purchasing will include all of the following:  

2-3 custom website banners | 1 Bio link / Digital business card | canva link to edit the files if needed | 1 Blank Policy Page | 1 Blank About Us Page | 1 Contact Us Page | Desktop and Mobile Set up | Stock Photos free to use(Used in design) 


You(the client) are responsible for the following: setting up your own shipping rates and state taxes, uploading your own products, purchasing and maintaining your own domain, paying for your own monthly website subscription as well as an add ons or apps that you may download, editing your own custom pages that are not included with the website service I mentioned, editing your own Canva files if changes need to be made after the service is completed. 



 All sales are final, No refunds or exchanges will be given for this service at anytime.

I will upload your pre-made website Design for you. As well as create the account for your shopify. You do not need to create an account but it’s understandable if you already have one. 

If you already have a Shopify account,

I will send a collaborator request to gain access to your online store. I only need access to edit the store, nothing else. Once you accept the request, I will be able to upload your pre-made website.

 Please DO NOT create an shopify account if you do not already have one. It is easier if create one for your website and transfer it over to you. After your purchase is complete, you will be sent a website transfer request Which maybe take up to 48 hours. I will use the email you provided when you made the purchase or from the form you filled out.